"The Conceptionist" LeLacheur

About Me

I'm The Conceptionist, but you can call me Concept, Aria, Maja, or Eight. I'm an 19 year old trans girl that plays games, writes code, and says funnies on the internet.My primary hobbies include playing unhealthy amounts of monster collection games, drinking unhealthy amounts of soda, sleeping for unhealthy amounts of time, and also writing code once every blue moon. It happens, I swear.I stream some games on my Twitch channel, which is the main thing I try to do these days. In the code department, I mainly make Discord bots. You may know me from having made either TopHat or Kirie, or from moderating the Discord Dungeons server for the DiscordRPG bot.I also write fiction on occasion, but that doesn't really happen that often. If that sounds interesting to you, my AO3 link is in the links section of this carrd.